Before Mohbad Is Buried Again, The Autopsy And DNA must be out- Mohbad’s father

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During an interview with media personality Oriyomi Hamzat today, late Singer Mohbad’s father Joseph Aloba shared the struggles of his family and how peace-loving his late son, Mohbad was.

Mr Aloba said before Mohbad can be buried again, the autopsy and DNA results must be out. He added that the DNA is good for Mohbad’s son, Liam because if it’s not done, in 10 years to come, Liam will be ashamed to walk on the street.

Mr Joseph said Liam will grow up to read all these stories, adding that he wants the DNA to be done in 2 different places. He affirmed that no DNA has been done yet and that many are running their mouths, saying he’s not Mohbad’s real father.

He said he saw what was going on out there and asked why people were in a hurry to bury him the second time when the autopsy result is not out and the DNA had not been conducted.

Mr Aloba noted that if his son is buried there’s no case, adding that he didn’t know when Mohbad’s mother went to the commissioner of police. He said DNA has to be strictly monitored and the court should give the order for the burial. In conclusion, he asked why Mohbad’s mother is in a hurry to bury him.

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